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Welcome to The Elland Academy’s website. We hope that it gives you an idea of the range of facilities, activities and support we offer children, young people and their families in our vibrant and happy academy.

The Governing Body exists to help the The Elland Academy provide the best possible education for students. It does this by:

  • Working with the academy to ensure that your child is taught in a safe and secure environment
  • setting the academy’s values, vision and strategic aims, agreeing plans and policies, and ensuring resources are used effectively
  • monitoring and evaluating performance
  • acting as a critical friend to the Principal and providing support and challenge
  • ensuring that the academy is accountable to the students it serves, the local community, those who fund and maintain it, and the staff it employs.

The Principal and Governing Body work in close partnership. The Governors’ role is strategic and the Principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of the academy. Once strategy has been agreed, the Principal organises and oversees the academy, implementing the strategic framework established with the Governing Body.

The Governing Body is presently made up of elected representatives from the Delta, the local community and parents. We are closely involved in the strategic development and financial management of the The Elland Academy as we are legally required, but we also see ourselves as mentors and friends to the academy community. As we work to support the development of the provision during this transitional stage, we look forward to working strategically with the Leadership Team to ensure that the provision transfers smoothly into its’ new premises, located on Gelderd Road, towards the end of the year.

Everyone across The Elland Academy is encouraged to support and inspire those around them and in the wider local community. This considerate and empathetic ethos runs like a golden thread throughout the academy. The Elland Academy is an opportunity for your child to engage in learning, build their self- confidence and look forward to making a positive contribution. The Governing body is just another resource to make that happen

We are very proud of The Elland and welcome the opportunity to show you what makes it such a very special place. Please feel free to contact the academy directly if you would like further information.

EAB members:

Brownlee (CHAIR)