Therapeutic Play


We deliver alternative provision Therapeutic Play  opportunities for The Elland Academy Students on a 1:1 and group basis.

We work together with Elland students to support them to build relationships, self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. This is supported by working relationships held with the SEND team, partner schools and parents/carers.

We set up opportunities in a practical room which involves the Elland students where possible (this will give them ownership and responsibility)

Therapeutic Play enables stuents to verbalize their thoughts and feelings in a way they know how to. This allows a students to feel in control and secure. Play is empowering to students, they do this better than most adults.

This helps to support students and adults to engage in a safe and secure healing process.

Overall this is the ideal therapy to help clients of all ages:

- Learn creative ways to solve problems by role playing, art, doll house, puppets, miniature work, and sand tray.

- Learn better ways to handle emotions and express emotions.

- Set goals in a realistic way and become more responsible for self.

- Learn to respect and appreciate the self and others.

- Learn positive ways to deal with stress and life’s situations.

- Grow developmentally and move into abstract ways of thinking.

- Re frame negative thoughts and actions to work through problems or past traumas.

- Become a happier and healthier person who learns how to bring play into everyday situations.

- Explore new ways of being in a safe and secure environment with a trained professional.

- Learn to use our imaginations if we have forgotten how to use them and utilize better coping skills and methods.