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  • drugslesson

    Drug and alcohol awareness

    5th January 2017
    Just before we broke up for the festive break students took part in a drop down afternoon which covered sessions which fouced on tobacco/smoking, drugs and alcohol. During the sessions students had opportunities to discuss these areas in circle times, create posters and research on the impact of each topic. Feedback was outstanding and proves that the practical activities during these sessions were the most popular with students who were involved.
  • The hardy Elland team took to the pitch

    6th December 2016
    The hardy Elland team took to the pitch once again in temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, except this week we also had thick fog to contend with. However, that didn't stop our players enjoying the activity. 

    We began with a successful game of tanks as a warm up, we certainly needed it! Then it was in to the main event, we had a new addition this week and he dazzled us with his diving skills. They may have been a rumour that he was on the oscar shortlist with some of his moves. But in all fairness
  • Scrabble Dash in English

    29th November 2016

    Students have been testing their vocabulary and spelling skills by playing Scrabble Dash. The group s in English have learnt to play the game together so they had to read the instructions and ensure that they all knew what they had to do, they had to recap vowels and consonants and work independently. This was our first experience of playing the game but the students were so engaged and doing so well we may have accidentally set a new trend at The Elland.

    This game can be played at home as a family and the g

  • Bridge

    STEM Day - Bridge Building

    25th November 2016

    Could you build a bridge with limited time and resources to span a gap and hold the weight of an adult? Last week student’s across the academy took on this challenge!

    A variety of bridges were made of all different sizes and shapes, some of which took the weight of Miss Aspin, some however collapsed under the pressure, maybe students did not use enough PVA glue or staples?

    Congratulations to 11A who built the lightest, strongest bridge. The KS3 group only narrowly missed out after a secret glue gun was disco

  • Training Day - Monday 28th November 2016

    25th November 2016

    Please may we take this opportunity to remind you thatMonday 28th November is a Staff Training Day (INSET) and the Academy will be closed for all students on that day.

    Staff Training Days provide the opportunity for all staff to come together and engage in valuable training which has a positive impact on the success of our students.

  • film

    Into Film Festival

    16th November 2016

    On 15th November Media students attended the Leeds International Film Festival screening of Goosebumps. During this event students attended a post screening talk where they had the opportunity to learn more about the BBFC and the classification process.

    The event was held in Leeds Town Hall which added a surreal and scary feeling to an already mysterious showing!

  • Football 8/11/16

    9th November 2016
    It really does prove how hardy Elland students are, the temperature was hovering above freezing when the two teams took to the pitch. The numbers have certainly grown since our last match report and it was great to see two new admissions joining in the game this week.
    The teams and captains were quickly chosen, the ball was in play and within minutes Kayven had scored-a real power shot that took the goalie by surprise.

    The play started off slow but soon the players were ready and passing the ball down the pit
  • The Elland Academy spirit

    9th November 2016
    It was with a heavy heart that our students joined together on 4th November. Many of our students had been touched by the tragic passing of an ex student and a Year 11 student stepped forward and requested that the Elland team join together to raise funds to be donated towards the funeral costs for Sophie.

    It was touching to see so many of our staff and students support the bake sale and cake auction. It was a true testament to The Elland Academy spirit that students who did not know Sophie spent time bakin
  • animation

    Animation at Bradford Media Museum

    21st October 2016

    On Thursday 20th October KS3 students visited Bradford Media Museum. The students were able to learn about different types of animation, make their own clay models and then work in groups to create their own animation using computers and webcams. Students also visited the I-Max to watch 3D Space and visited the arcade area to play retro games.

  • Launch of Football Enrichment Club

    21st October 2016

    The weather may not have been the best but that didn't stop the football enrichment session on Tuesday 18th October. We may have been small in numbers but what we lacked in numbers we more than made up for in energy and dare I say skill! The session provided students with an opportunity to work together with different people (including staff).

    Ryan showed off his skills at stopping the ball with his head, am sure there are many professionals who could not have consistently done as many 'headers' as Ryan. Br

  • Praise for Elland Academy Pupils

    19th October 2016

    The 2 boys: Ryan and Lewis found a male unconscious and with an occluded airway in the bushes on their way home after hearing a phone ringing.

    They students rang for The Ambulance Service to assist the man, they remained on scene and guided them to the patient, they offered to help but remained far enough away so as not to get in their way, helping them to move equipment around and returning it to the ambulance.

    All this made them quite late getting home, luckily Gary White from the Ambulance Service was able

  • Babywash

    Outstanding Childcare Results!

    30th September 2016

    All the childcare girls in year 11 have now achieved their CACHE Level 1 award in caring for children!

  • Maths and English Enrichment

    30th September 2016

    Yesterday saw the lauch of the after school Maths and English Interventions. They year 11's were invited for extra learning. All of the year 11 students attended and have began by developing their learning of angles, measurements and shapes.

  • Recognised again by Teaching Leaders

    8th August 2016

    Teaching Leaders is a National charitable organisation that preps Education Leaders to develop into outstanding Leaders, to transform the lives of young people in challenging contexts. Alice is an alumnus of the organisation and continues to support the work of teaching Leaders in the North of England.

    Teaching Leaders has carried an annual review where the key note speaker was Sir David Carter. The focus was to celebrate the transformational leadership where different leaders’ achievements were celebrated i

  • Farewell Dinner for year 11

    8th August 2016

    Farewell Dinner for year 11

    The 15th of July 2016 was a special day for the year 11. The Academy was holding a special dinner for the year 11 following a successful time at the Academy. This was held at the Pizza Express at the Corn Exchange in Leeds City Centre. The students turned up dressed to impress in their formal evening wear supported by staff that turned up in big numbers to bid them farewell.

    The event also doubled as a final awards evening where various students were recognised for various achievem

  • Summer term arrangements

    22nd July 2016

    The summer is finally here and I am sure you and your children are looking forward to a well-earned rest over the summer holidays. We have had some wonderful experiences and are grateful to you all for the support you continuously give to the academy. 

    Start of summer term arrangements

    The school is closed for the summer holidays from Friday the 22nd of July to Monday the 5th of September 2016 inclusive and for staff training on Monday 5th September 2016. Students will return to school for normal lessons on

  • Exam Results

    18th July 2016

    Thursday 25th August 2016 - Results will be made available to staff and pupils. Pupils can collect results from TEA between 10:00-12:30, after this time results will be posted.

  • Feedback from a volunteer

    8th July 2016

    This week we have received a lovely letter from a volunteer who is now embarking on her teaching career.

    "I had a wonderful time volunteering at the Elland Academy"

    "The staff were welcoming and helpful"

    "My time at Elland has made me realise how much I want to help children in the future"

    "The work that I have witnessed at the Elland Academy is outstanding, the approach that is taken with the children is amazing, and I honestly believe that every school should manage behaviour in that way"


  • The Summer Holidays

    8th July 2016

    Life at The Elland Academy does not stop because its the Summer holidays. PC Hides has activities planned for students such as a sports camp and horse riding followed by a healthy lunch. Miss Procter will also be attending the events.

    Continued engagement through out the holidays by PC Hides helps to reduce anti-social behaviour in and around the local community.
  • english1

    Seasonal Work in English

    8th July 2016

    In Autumn, students focused on learning about personification, creating figures from autumn leaves and writing about them.

    In Winter, we created a puppet theatre version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

    Now in Summer, we are creating a garden – based around an imagined and magical world. In this world students are exploring myths and heroic legends, through characters they have created.