Welcome to the English department

The English department seeks to provide opportunities to engage students in a wide range of literature from across the world and the ages. We aim to enthuse students with a passion for reading and engage them in developing their understanding of language. All of our lessons include opportunities for developing speaking and listening skills. 

The English department offers students a curriculum which develops their core and key skills in preparation for their future careers.

Key Stage 3

In Year 9 students study a wide range of texts, examples of these include:

  • ·          Boy in the striped pyjamas
  • ·          Best Mates
  • ·          A Midsummers Night Dream
  • ·          Bridge to Terabithia.

Students have one lesson a week to develop their reading skills, these sessions are held in the academy library and provide an opportunity for students to develop their reading for pleasure skills. During this time, they also follow the accelerated reader programme which aims to develop their reading skills.

Students develop their writing skills through a range of topics which stimulate their curiosity and interest.

Exposing students to a wide range of texts and styles is an important part of the English curriculum. Students are able to develop writing skills in different ways, they learn about different forms and styles alongside developing their basic Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) skills.
Key Stage 4

Students are studying the EDUQAS WJEC GCSE English language course, this new course grades students at 9-1. Students study a wide range of topics and 19th century literature to help them understand the development of fiction. Students will learn about non-fiction and transactional writing. Your child’s English teacher can provide more detailed information.
We aim to find a course that meets the learners needs, we offer the Entry Level Certificate in English for those students who are working at pre-GCSE grades. The course choice is based on the individual need of the student to ensure that the best possible outcome is gained for the individual student.

Regardless of the qualification your child will study for, there will still be three parts to the assessment:

  • ·          Reading
  • ·          Writing
  • ·          Communication

How can you support your child in developing their literacy skills?

Students are given opportunities to complete work at home; this may be an extended piece of writing, research or reading part of a text.

It is important to provide opportunities at home to read, this could be reading a newspaper and discussing the content with another member of the household or reading a book with a younger/older sibling and discussing the story.

Students benefit from having reading/writing being made important within the household. Literacy is a skill which can, at times, be difficult to understand but through regular use our learners can be literate and ready for the world.

We are happy to support you in supporting your young people, please contact Mrs Priestley/Ms Hoyle if you would like resources/advice to support the development of literacy at home.

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