Mission Statement

The Elland Academy will offer an outstanding alternative provision where: 

Our pupils: 

  • Feel safe, valued and part of a community 
  • Are inspired and supported to choose to reengage in learning 
  • Develop positive emotional and social interactions with our learning community  
  • Develop a sense of self-belief, aspiration and pride in their ability and achievements. 

Our staff: 

  • Feel valued, supported and proud to be part of the team 
  • Strive for excellence in everything they do 
  • Hold pupils’ best interests at the heart of every decision they make 
  • Feel inspired and positively challenged, to continually develop professionally 

Our parents/carers: 

  • Feel reassured that their children are being well cared for and supported to be the best they can 
  • Are kept informed of their child’s progress and of academy developments, via regular and effective communication 
  • Feel comfortable to contact the academy at any time or visit us to discuss their child 
  • Know their voice is heard and counts towards their child’s success and moving the academy forwards 

Our stakeholders: 

  • Are communicated with regularly and updated on academy progress 
  • Take a key role in the QA process, supporting academy improvement through robust and rigorous monitoring  
  • Provide support through external challenge and sharing their expertise 
  • Feel their voice and input helps to shape academy development and contribute to its success